Growing Support for Net Neutrality Legislation

Leading voices from across the U.S. have been expressing their support for Congress to protect the open internet by passing bipartisan net neutrality legislation. Here is a collection of some of them: TECH LEADERS Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook: “We’re also open to working with members of Congress and anyone else on laws to protect net […]

Expert Voices Speak Out on Net Neutrality

From across the political spectrum and from communities across America, policy experts are lending their voices to the debate over net neutrality. The following are comments from filings with the FCC in July 2017, in response to its proposal to return the U.S. to the bipartisan, light-touch regulatory framework for governing the internet by those […]

What Others Are Saying Quote Sheets

Want to read what others are saying about net neutrality legislation, Title II and more? Download our What Others Are Saying quote sheets below. What the African American Community is Saying What the Hispanic Community is Saying What Manufacturers are Saying What Technology Experts are Saying