Internet Service Providers Reaffirm Commitment To Open & Free Internet

Reiterate No Blocking, Censorship, Throttling Or Discrimination Members Of The Alaska Telecom Association: “We Are Writing To Assure You And All Alaskans That We Are Committed To The Principles Of Net Neutrality.  We Do Not Block Websites.  We Do Not Censor Content.  We Do Not Throttle, Discriminate Or Degrade Network Performance Based On Content.” (Christine […]

The Gazette: Reports of the Internet’s Death Greatly Exaggerated

By Adam Sullivan If you’re reading this, American civilization has survived its first days without net neutrality. Rejoice! The repeal of the federal government’s net neutrality rules took hold last week, ending Obama-era regulations which advocates say ensured a “free and open” internet. Millions of critics warned that decision would mark a grim new era for […]

Independent Women’s Forum: Net Neutrality Ends Today. Here’s Why It’s Not the End of the World.

By Patrice Lee Onwuka Did you access Facebook or Twitter with no problems this morning? Did you open a browser to search with no unusual delay? The end of net neutrality rules was supposed to mean doom and gloom for the internet, but as we’ve predicted, nothing has changed – or likely will. Net neutrality rules, which control how broadband companies deliver services, […]