Calls For Congressional Action On Comprehensive Net Neutrality Legislation Ramp Up

Bipartisan Voices Urge Permanent & 21st Century Solution, Rather Than CRA Half-Measure Alaska Governor Bill Walker: “Alaskans Need Internet That Is Open And Accessible, And Congress Should Take Action To Protect That Accessibility.” “It’s clear: Alaskans need internet that is open and accessible, and Congress should take action to protect that accessibility.  Internet access is as essential […]

Calls For Congressional Action On Net Neutrality Legislation Continue

Bipartisan Voices Urge For A Permanent & Comprehensive Solution, Rather Than A CRA Half-Measure Former LULAC CEO Brent Wilkes: “Rather Than Spending Time On A Legislative Hail Mary With Virtually No Chance Of Becoming Reality, Congress Should Develop A Comprehensive Bill That Levels The Internet Playing Field And Expands Access For All Americans.” (Brent Wilkes, “California […]

Comprehensive Net Neutrality Legislation Essential For Jobs & Economy

Broadband Industry Supports Millions Of Jobs & Provides Billions Of Dollars In Investments To The Economy Broadband Industry Supports Nearly 11 Million U.S. Jobs. (“Jobs,” USTelecom, Accessed 3/30/18) From 1996 to 2016, Together With The Media And Information Technology Sectors, Broadband Has Invested More Than $1.6 Trillion In The U.S. Economy. (“Broadband Industry Stats: Behind The Numbers,” USTelecom, Accessed […]

ISPs Across The Country, Large & Small, Support Net Neutrality

Most coverage of the ongoing net neutrality debate often only covers the major players.  On one side, opponents of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) repeal of Title II broadband regulations, include companies like Facebook, Google and Netflix.  On the other side, supporters include large Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon. But there […]