Anchorage Daily News: Net Neutrality Is Vital — But So Is Rural Broadband

By Niel Ritchie Most issues look different from rural America, but that’s especially true of net neutrality. No one doubts that net neutrality policies to keep the internet open and free for all users is vital. No internet provider or tech company should be allowed to block websites, censor or discriminate against viewpoints, manipulate cyberspace to […]

The Record: To Deal (Or Not) To Deal On Net Neutrality

By Bill Lucy For many progressives looking ahead to midterm election gold, every issue raises a Hamlet-like question: Is it better to deal now with an administration desperate to show it can govern or hold out for more favorable terms after expected gains at the polls? The tension can often be quite severe – Democrats […]

Limited Net Neutrality Effort Could Hurt Latino and Other Minority Communities

By Rosa Mendosa Congress does not agree on much, but one apparent consensus is about the need for strong open internet protections — a goal fully supported by the Hispanic Technology and Telecommunications Partnership. The partisanship, however, presents itself in how to achieve that goal, with one group of lawmakers attempting to overturn the reversal […]