Multichannel News: The Right Vote

By Mike Montgomery Nearly every day brings new stories of children being tracked, Russians being indicted, and online-fueled hate exploding into real-world violence – all while the big tech platforms that enable this chaos report record earnings and shrug off Congressional oversight without breaking a sweat. The internet has never been more vital to our […]

Washington Times: Protecting The Internet Ecosystem

By Cinnamon Rogers Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg recently took the hot seat on Capitol Hill for two days of grilling following news about Cambridge Analytica’s use of stolen data to profile and target American voters. Facebook also faces criticism about its privacy policies and data collection. And in a rare moment of bipartisanship, members on both […]

[Maine] Sun Journal: Congress Can Preserve An Open Internet

By Hector Barreto As broadband experts and community leaders gathered recently to discuss strategies for expanding high-speed internet access to more rural areas in Maine, closing the divide that prevents many residents from participating in an increasingly digital economy remains one of the state’s most critical challenges. But to connect more Maine communities, consumers and business […]