Washington Times: Why imposing outdated Internet rules is folly

By Hector V. Barreto Small businesses are the driving force of economic growth across the country, and reliable high-speed broadband service is essential for their ability to grow, thrive and compete. But as we near the midterm elections, some congressional candidates and members of Congress are stepping up efforts to re-impose outdated Internet rules that would limit […]

Bloomberg BNA: Congress Needs to Put the Net Neutrality Debate to Rest to Help Close the Digital Divide

By: Hon. Rick Boucher A recent Congressional hearing underscored how many Senators remain deeply, even angrily, concerned about the low availability of high-speed internet access in rural America. From the tenor of the hearing, one would rightly conclude that the need for greater broadband deployment is the single most pressing internet policy issue of our […]

The Daily Caller: Centrist Republicans Can Make Their Case By Enacting Permanent Net Neutrality Legislation

By Jeffrey Mazzella Amid a toxic political climate fraught with controversy and warring factions, centrist Republicans in Congress facing election across the country increasingly worry about being defined by positions they must take on today’s most divisive issues. This is particularly true where swing voters in their districts believe that Congress is accomplishing little of […]