The Hill: It’s time to pass a bill that protects the internet

By Jamal Simmons Despite what some Trump administration officials believe, too much deregulation isn’t good for the economy or consumers. Science matters. Safety is important. Advocates should have their say. Companies need clear rules to plan for the future and know what is out of bounds. Workers and consumers need safety and quality standards. A […]

Brookings: Why net neutrality needs a congressional solution

By Nicol Turner-Lee Last week, the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) web site reportedly crashed after late night television host John Oliver told viewers to flood the comments system in support of net neutrality, which calls for all internet traffic to be allowed equal access by internet service providers. Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, Senator Mike Lee, R-Utah introduced […]

WIRED: Only Congress, Not the FCC, Can Fix Net Neutrality

By Berin Szóka JOHN OLIVER’S RIGHT about one thing: It’s time to resolve the net neutrality debate. The host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight recently urged his viewers to deluge the Federal Communications Commission with comments. But the discussion the FCC will open this week isn’t really about “net neutrality”; it’s about whether to trust the […]