Bloomberg Law: With Net Neutrality Milestone Reached, What Now?

By Hon. Rick Boucher Largely without notice, a milestone was reached in the long-running and contentious debate over net neutrality. At the stroke of midnight Nov. 29, the deadline passed for the House to advance a Congressional Review Act resolution of disapproval on the Federal Communications Commission’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order, which was adopted earlier […]

Forbes: Let’s Keep U.S. Technology Policy Sensible And Bipartisan

By Roslyn Layton With the 2018 midterm elections behind us, voters decided that Capitol Hill will return to two-party rule. These situations can spell gridlock with little to no expectation for major legislation making it to the President’s desk—or political opportunity. In fact, far more potential exists between the two political parties on comprehensive technology policy than […]

Morning Consult: Americans See the Value in Nationwide Internet Governance Rules

By Kim Keenan For years that division has been exploited by those who have raised roadblocks preventing the development of a coherent, lasting national policy on internet privacy and governance. But that appears to be changing, as a new Internet Innovation Alliance-Morning Consult survey shows that Americans are demanding that tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter […]