Morning Consult: Americans See the Value in Nationwide Internet Governance Rules

By Kim Keenan

For years that division has been exploited by those who have raised roadblocks preventing the development of a coherent, lasting national policy on internet privacy and governance. But that appears to be changing, as a new Internet Innovation Alliance-Morning Consult survey shows that Americans are demanding that tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter quit stonewalling and help us develop internet governance policies that are built on solid ground.

According to the survey, fully three-quarters of respondents say that tech companies need to do more to protect the privacy of their users. Only 10 percent of those surveyed said that the tech companies are doing enough to protect their customers’ personal information. That’s 75 percent of the American people who are tired of tech companies’ repeated mea culpas that result in nothing substantial except more mea cuplas.

Americans want the buck-passing to stop. Internet users — meaning just about all of us — think it’s time for the government to step in. According to Morning Consult’s poll, a majority want rules in place that will define how ALL companies, including ISPs, apps, and platforms like Amazon, Facebook, Google and Twitter can collect and use data from online consumers.