New Congress Must Act On Federal Net Neutrality Legislation

Date: November 13, 2018

New Congress Must Act On Federal Net Neutrality Legislation

One week ago, America cast its votes for the next class of Congressional leaders to represent them in Washington, D.C.  Democrats took the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives and Republicans maintained control of the U.S. Senate, resulting in a split federal government.  However, anticipation for Congress to address the nation’s tech policies has not waned.  In the days following the election, both parties have shared an appetite for tackling some of the industry’s most pressing concerns.  As they set forth their legislative agendas, comprehensive net neutrality legislation must make the list.  Without a federal standard that codifies a free and open Internet, the country’s preeminent technology will be left to the devices of a patchwork of state rules that jeopardize critical broadband investments.  It is imperative Congress cross party lines and work together to ensure a free and open Internet, and Americans’ rights online are safeguarded.

The 116th Congress Will Target Technology Issues As Legislative Priority: 

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