Consensus Grows For Congress To Protect Open Internet

Wide Agreement That Bipartisan, Comprehensive Legislation Is The Best Path Forward

Broad Consensus Builds For Congress To Create Bipartisan Legislative Approach To Protect Open & Free Internet:

A Survey Of Voters From Across The Country Found An Overwhelming 87 Percent Of Voters Support A Legislative Approach That Would Set Clear Rules For The Protection Of Consumer Privacy And Internet Regulation. “Our findings also showed that an overwhelming 87 percent of voters react positively to arguments for a new legislative approach that sets one clear set of rules to protect consumer privacy that applies to all internet companies, websites, devices and applications instead of using this CRA.” (Bill McInturff & David Binder, “Survey Says: Voters Back Comprehensive Legislation To Protect Open Internet,” Los Angeles Times, 5/11/18)

  • “Seventy-Five Percent Of Voters Are Not Familiar With The [Congressional Review Act] CRA, And When It Was Explained, Just 38 Percent Of Voters Favor The CRA In General.” (Bill McInturff & David Binder, “Survey Says: Voters Back Comprehensive Legislation To Protect Open Internet | Opinion,” Los Angeles Times, 5/11/18)
  • “Another Widely Accepted Reason For Rejecting The Use Of This CRA (73 Percent) Is That The CRA Would Fast-Track Regulation With No Debate And No Public Input, And Since How We Regulate The Internet Will Affect Generations Of Americans To Come, It Deserves A Public Debate.” (Bill McInturff & David Binder, “Survey Says: Voters Back Comprehensive Legislation To Protect Open Internet,” Los Angeles Times, 5/11/18)
  • “Instead Of A Band-Aid Approach Offered By The CRA, By A 20-Point Margin Voters Reject The Use Of The CRA To Restore Net Neutrality.  Indeed, 72 Percent Of Voters Say A Good Reason To Reject The CRA Is That Title II Regulations Aren’t The Solution.” (Bill McInturff & David Binder, “Survey Says: Voters Back Comprehensive Legislation To Protect Open Internet,” Los Angeles Times, 5/11/18)

Congress Needs To Protect An Open & Free Internet Through Bipartisan, Comprehensive Legislation:

Los Angeles Times: “Rather Than Jousting Over A Resolution Of Disapproval, Congress Needs To Put This Issue To Bed Once And For All By Crafting A Bipartisan Deal.” (Editorial, “Senate Democrats Move To Revive Net Neutrality Rules – The Wrong Way,” Los Angeles Times, 5/10/18)

The Boston Globe’s Hiawatha Bray: “If Congress Wants To Solve The Net Neutrality Problem, It Could Pass A Simple Law Banning Blocking And Throttling Of Data On Broadband Networks, And Then Take The Rest Of The Day Off.”(Hiawatha Bray, “The real reason the Net neutrality fight goes on,” The Boston Globe, 5/16/18)

Former Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Kathleen Abernathy: “Instead Of Short Sighted State Based Contortions, We Should Continue To Urge Congress To Roll Up Its Sleeves And Get To Work On A Comprehensive Internet Bill.” “Our leaders in both parties have the same goals and vision as most Americans – a free and open internet available to every American, access to affordable fixed and mobile high-speed broadband in every home, school, library and business, and a competitive, jobs-producing communications marketplace with expanding investment and innovation.”(Kathleen Abernathy, “Opinion: The way to revamp net neutrality,” The Detroit News, 5/14/18)

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council President & CEO Karen Kerrigan: “SBE Council Strongly Supports An Open Internet, And Believes The Ideal Way To Achieve This Is Through Common-Sense Legislation Rather Than Harsh, Inappropriate And Inflexible Regulation That Undermines Innovation, Investment, Small ISPs, Competition, And Access To Broadband.  Legislation Will Provide Needed Certainty, Which Will Enable A Continuous Flow Of Investment And Innovation That Is The Fuel For A Dynamic Internet Ecosystem, And A Dynamic Economy.” (SBE Council, “Advocate for Entrepreneurs Warns Senators: CRA to Restore Innovation-Smothering Internet Regulation Will Harm Small Businesses, Access to Digital Economy,” Press Release, 5/16/18)

Consumer Action For A Strong Economy President Matthew Kandrach: “Net Neutrality Is Still A Vital Concept For Which Broad And Bipartisan Support Exists.  Congress Can Still Pass A Straightforward Bill To Ensure All Data Is Treated Equally, No Websites Are Blocked And Throttled, And No One Is Censored Or Discriminated Against Online.” (Matthew Kandrach, “Democrats have suddenly embraced Internet price controls,” Washington Examiner, 5/16/18)

Georgetown Visiting Senior Policy Scholar Anna-Maria Kovacs: “Americans Need Congress To Finally Deal With The Internet As A New And Complex Ecosystem That Presents Challenging Issues That Cannot Be Solved By Applying 1934 Rules To A Few Of The Relevant Participants.  It Is Time For Legislation That Protects All Americans Throughout The Internet.” (Anna-Maria Kovacs, “Op-Ed: Why Shelter the Internet Edge Providers?” CED Magazine, 5/16/18)

Hispanic Technology And Telecommunications Partnership: “The Hispanic Technology And Telecommunications Partnership (HTTP) Is Not In Favor Of The Use Of The CRA Process Because It Does Not Allow For A Full And Open Debate Regarding, What Amounts To, The Future Of The Internet … It Has Been HTTP’s Continuing Stance That Title II Is Not The Right Mechanism To Regulate Our Ever-Evolving Online Ecosystem And Using This Process Does Not Provide The Best, Most Comprehensive Solution For An Open Internet.” (Hispanic Technology and Telecommunications Partnership Website, “HTTP’s Statement On The U.S. Senate Vote To Restore The FCC’s Net-Neutrality Rules,” Press Release, 5/16/18)