Wall Street Journal: A Phony Vote on ‘Net Neutrality’

By the Editorial Board

One extreme part of the anti-Trump “resistance” is outrage, including death threats, against Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai because he wants to roll back the Obama Administration’s regulation of the internet. Senate Democrats are now whipping up this base ahead of a phony vote on Wednesday, and the ironies are many.

Senate Democrat Ed Markey of Massachusetts and colleagues are forcing a floor vote to “save” something called “net neutrality.” That foggy concept has become in practice regulating the internet as a public utility, which the Obama Administration did in 2015. Mr. Markey says the Trump FCC “takes away a fundamental right” to a diverse and open internet.

The real issue isn’t if you’ll be free to surf the web but whether the federal government should dictate what rates providers can set for services. The FCC’s Mr. Pai is rolling back the Obama rules, which means restoring the status quo of a mere few years ago.