Los Angeles Times: Survey says: Voters Back Comprehensive Legislation to Protect Open Internet

By Bill McInturff & David Binder

With the Federal Communications Commission’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order soon going into effect, rhetoric by net neutrality activists has reached a fever pitch. Organizers have held protests, while states and localities have attempted net neutrality laws of their own. Democrats in Congress are using a legislative maneuver known as the Congressional Review Act to attempt to overturn the FCC’s order, and are now targeting mid-May as the date to force a vote in the Senate.

With so much hyperbole to break through, we came together as Democratic and Republican pollsters to find the facts. What does the data actually tell us about net neutrality and what do consumers want and expect from internet service providers and edge providers such as Google and Facebook?

In mid-April, we surveyed 1,000 registered voters by telephone across the country. Our work was paid for by Broadband America, a coalition supported by broadband providers. Ultimately, we found that there is a clear appetite among voters for comprehensive legislation that protects an open internet and provides clear rules for both ISPs and edge providers.