WASHINGTON, D.C. — Broadband for America (BFA) issued the following statement today commemorating National Small Business Week:

“America’s small businesses are the backbone of our economy, providing good jobs and strengthening the fabric of communities across the country,” said Rob Tappan, a spokesman for BFA. “But as our economy has increasingly gone digital, access to high-speed Internet has become an essential tool for small businesses to compete, grow and thrive.

“This is why it’s unfortunate that some Members of Congress, using the cloak of a legislative maneuver called a CRA, are continuing to push for a return to Depression-era rules on the Internet—with limited debate an no input from consumers or the general public. Not only will this legislative short-cut return us to rules written in the 1930’s, it fails to address privacy concerns while stifling critical investment and innovation in broadband infrastructure expansion —expansion that is essential for connecting small businesses to the global marketplace.

“Our nation’s policymakers must ensure America’s small businesses can grow and compete as our economy continues to evolve in the Digital Age,” Tappan continued. “The CRA is a bad idea. Policymakers should start with smart policies that address privacy and promote more investment in high-speed broadband infrastructure, so that small businesses can reach new customers and new markets. But this can only be done if Congress stops looking to the past to guide our modern Internet and instead comes together to develop meaningful, comprehensive bipartisan legislation —with vital input from the American public — that will truly protect a free, open and accessible Internet.”