East Bay Times: Why local, state net neutrality laws are a bad idea

By E. Faye Willlams

When the FCC repealed President Obama’s net neutrality rules last year, it launched a movement.

Around the country, there is a rising tide calling for permanent new rules to keep the internet open and free.  No company should be permitted to interfere with our internet experience by blocking or prioritizing traffic or discriminating against anyone’s ability to participate online.  In a digital world, net neutrality is a civil rights imperative – the only way to be sure that all citizens have a full and equal chance to be heard in the new public square.

Like any effective movement for change, if we don’t get the strategy right we won’t end up where we need to go.

That means fighting for strong, permanent net neutrality that will protect everyone online – not temporary half measures or even worse inconsistent or incomplete rules that cover some people or states but not others.