FCC Comments on Net Neutrality & Title II: A Comprehensive Analysis

Unprecedented Volume and Clutter in FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom Docket

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), policymakers, and the media face enormous challenges navigating sentiment about Title II regulations because of the unprecedented volume (over 21 million comments) and clutter in the electronic docket. Broadband for America commissioned an independent analysis based on publicly available data to take a comprehensive look at the comments.

The analysis shows 69.9% of comments are in favor of repealing Title II once accounting for fake and unverifiable international comments.

Key Findings

  • Millions of Artificial Emails: Over 7.75 million comments – the largest percentage of any set of comments, 36% of the total comments in the docket – were generated by fictitious email domains attributed to FakeMailGenerator.com. One email domain boasts, “No legitimate email will ever be sent from einrot.com.”
  • Unverifiable International Comments: 1.72 million unverifiable comments from international addresses in Russia, India, France, and 26 other countries flooded the docket. Almost all of those comments (99.4%) oppose repealing Title II.
  • Duplicative Comments: 9.93 million comments were filed using repeated email and/or physical addresses. There is rampant duplication in the docket as many people or organizations filed multiple comments.
  • Clear Majority Favors Repealing Title II: When accounting for obviously fake email domains (7.75 million) and unverifiable international comments (1.72 million), the overall sentiment of comments is 69.9% in favor of repealing Title II.

Congressional Action Needed

The vast majority of the comments support open internet principles, but the analysis clearly shows there is strong concern about the damage done by Title II. This underscores the need for Congressional action. We stand ready to work with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to ensure durable net neutrality principles are codified into law.

About the Analysis

Broadband for America commissioned Paul Salasznyk, Ph.D., CEO of Emprata, an expert analytics firm based in Washington, D.C., to perform an impartial, data-driven analysis of the comments. The methodology for determining the source and sentiment of comments is explained in detail on pg. 22 of the report available here.

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