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Title II Regulation – An Internet Tax on Millions of Consumers

One of the reasons that the Internet is a great American success story is that it is accessible and affordable...

Title II and Investment: The Facts

While our current policies have encouraged record levels of investment, some critics want to abandon this approach and reclassify Internet service as...

What Others are Saying: the FCC and Title II

In February, the Federal Communications Commission chose to impose Title II requirements on the Internet in a partisan 3-2 vote. 

Broadband is Leading America Into the Future

The state of American broadband is fast, ubiquitous, and affordable. Moreover, it’s enabling our economy through innovation, private investment, and...

April 11, 2017
  As the FCC embraces fresh leadership and a new sense of focus, the Trump Administration is working in parallel to create a friendly environment for investment. This shift in direction is already taking effect and...
March 30, 2017
    America is on the cusp of a 5G future in which consumers have access to vital services at incredible speeds. Such capabilities would open up countless opportunities in communication, ecommerce and emergency...
March 16, 2017
  This week, Axios hosted a forum sponsored by Charter Communications to examine the ways in which our communications ecosystem will continue to develop with the onset of new technologies  and how smart policy...
March 7, 2017
  Supporters of Title II do not see the interwoven nature of an open, accessible internet and large-scale investment in broadband infrastructure. It was private investment, not federal overreach, which established the...

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New FCC Report Shows Progress and Path to Broadband Adoption ...

The FCC’s John B. Horrigan, formerly of Pew Internet, has released a new study on U.S. broadband usage. The good news from the report is that nearly 80% of adults are Internet users, with 65% enjoying home broadband access.

At the same time, those statistics show there is still a challenge, and for us at Broadband for America, the obtainable goal, of getting all U.S. businesses and homes connected to high-speed Internet.

White House and FCC Turn Focus to Health IT

The White House and Federal Communications Commission are both turning their attention to Health IT this week, calling for major reforms that would improve access to health records, medical information and treatment options.

On Friday, the White House put out a call to several agencies to select senior representatives who would participate in a government-wide task force to improve coordination of health IT. The representatives, coming from the OMB, Social Security Commission, Veterans Affairs, Defense, Agriculture and Commerce departments, will be announced by the end of the week.

Broadband for America Study Shows Importance of Investment

 Broadband for America has released a new study on the important contributions to the U.S. economy made by private investment in communication and information technology.

The study was conducted by Robert W. Crandall and Hal J. Singer – both experts in the economics of the telecommunications industry – and shows the massive investments made in mobile and wired Internet capacity by the major network providers has created hundreds of thousands of jobs over the past six years. 

The authors caution that the explosive growth in broadband access will be severely limited if “new regulatory changes undermine the incentives of broadband service providers to continue to invest.” 

“Thus, the increases in broadband’s reach, penetration, capabilities, and services which we have seen over the past seven years with a minimum of government interference should be embraced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as it moves through the process of creating a National Broadband Policy.” 


The complete study is available here.

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How to Ensure Online Safety as Broadband Adoption Increases

As we get closer to the ultimate goal of having all American businesses and homes connected to broadband, worries about online safety will become genuine concerns for consumers, retailers and citizens alike.

When we talk about online safety are we ready to take the necessary steps to ensure security without compromising the enterprising spirit driving the Internet?

Broadband for America Announces New Adoption Advisory Board

Broadband for America has officially announced the formation of its adoption advisory board, working with the more than 170 member companies and organizations already a part of BfA’s effort to bring high-speed Internet to every American home and business: “Broadband for America’s Adoption Advisory Board will focus on developing programs that drive the message that adopting broadband Internet results in job creation and greater opportunities...

Broadband for America Responds to Newly Release Commerce Department Data

Broadband for America coalition Honorary Co-Chair Michael Powell issued a statement in response to newly released from the Department of Commerce on broadband use:

“Today’s news that U.S. broadband usage has increased with 64% of households subscribing to high-speed Internet is a real and positive development particularly since the numbers reflect an increase from 51% just a few years ago. The increase in the number of Americans using broadband Internet is a direct result of major network providers investing $100 billion in the past two years alone in their networks, which has created jobs, contributed to the economy and allowed more people to go online.

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