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Title II Regulation – An Internet Tax on Millions of Consumers

One of the reasons that the Internet is a great American success story is that it is accessible and affordable...

Title II and Investment: The Facts

While our current policies have encouraged record levels of investment, some critics want to abandon this approach and reclassify Internet service as...

What Others are Saying: the FCC and Title II

In February, the Federal Communications Commission chose to impose Title II requirements on the Internet in a partisan 3-2 vote. 

Broadband is Leading America Into the Future

The state of American broadband is fast, ubiquitous, and affordable. Moreover, it’s enabling our economy through innovation, private investment, and...

March 16, 2017
  This week, Axios hosted a forum sponsored by Charter Communications to examine the ways in which our communications ecosystem will continue to develop with the onset of new technologies  and how smart policy...
March 7, 2017
  Supporters of Title II do not see the interwoven nature of an open, accessible internet and large-scale investment in broadband infrastructure. It was private investment, not federal overreach, which established the...
February 27, 2017
  As Broadband for America has repeatedly argued, the FCC’s Open Internet Order has brought nothing but uncertainty to entrepreneurs and consumers through a sharp divorce in regulatory policy. However, President Trump’s...
October 12, 2016
   The Progressive Policy Institute released this week its fifth annual ranking of the top 25 non-financial U.S. companies investing the most in America. The combined companies invested an estimated $176....

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CWHCC: Expanded Broadband Access for Hispanics Key to Job Growth

Improving access to business and educational opportunities is a central focus of the Central  Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The CWHCC takes great pride in being a venue for  Hispanic entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals throughout the Yakima Valley and Central Washington to come together to share ideas in support of each other.  As president of the CWHCC, I’m dedicated to helping Hispanics form connections in order for our community to prosper.

One of the most important tools our members have to make connections is high speed Internet access.  Broadband provides small business leaders with the capacity to connect with markets worldwide to offer their products and services. 

Last month, the unemployment rate in Washington state stood at 9.3 percent.  As our members strive to weather the economic challenges impacting our nation and our state, broadband Internet access has become even more important as they seek to access information, connect with customers, compete in the global marketplace and create opportunities for growth.  Additionally, broadband allows students and their parents to tap into distance education and training programs in order to prepare for the tests of our changing economy.

The unique advantages of broadband to the Hispanic community are growing every day.  The Central Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is proud to be leading the way in promoting access to, and adoption of, broadband in the growing Hispanic community in Washington State.

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