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Broadband access to the Internet is now available to 95 percent of the U.S. population. Given the scale of that achievement (the sheer size of the country and 312 million population) the easy thing to do would be to have a big balloon drop and move on to finding a solution to some other problem.

But, broadband is no longer something which only large businesses, academic institutions, and governmental agencies must have. Broadband has become as important to every business, and every household as running water or electricity.

Broadband for America is a coalition of more than 300 businesses and organizations which have one goal in mind: To make broadband access to the internet available to every home and every business in the United States.

When we talk about broadband adoption there are a number of issue areas which must be addressed:

  • Adoption - Broadband adoption is directly tied to family incomes. The most affluent Americans have and adoption rate of about 88 percent – more than twice the adoption rate of 41% for low-income households.
  • Data transfer - Understanding how broadband networks work, the speed with which they operate, and why they're important is critical to ensuring the spread and availability of broadband for everyone.
  • Economy - Broadband has affected economic growth and productivity, provided jobs and provided access to job resources in a down economy.
  • Education - Broadband provides critical learning resources and serves as a delivery method, and can enhance teacher-to-parent and student-to-student relationships.
  • Environment - Broadband as an e-commerce and “gig economy” tool offers environmental benefits like reductions in emissions and reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Health care - Broadband is facilitating innovation through new applications and monitoring abilities as well as facilitating provider-to-patient and provider-to-provider interactions to name a few.
  • Public Safety - Whether it's from a cybersecurity standpoint or as a way to create a national first responders network, broadband has enormous potential in offering ways to to help protect the safety and identity of citizens.)