FCC Comments on Net Neutrality and Title II: A Comprehensive Analysis

Unprecedented Volume and Clutter in FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom Docket The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), policymakers, and the media face enormous challenges navigating sentiment about Title II regulations because of the unprecedented volume (over 21 million comments) and clutter in the electronic docket. Broadband for America commissioned an independent analysis based on publicly available data […]

RealClearPolicy: Saving Net Neutrality Requires Bipartisanship

By Harold Ford Jr. On July 12, some internet activists led a “day of action” urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to preserve net neutrality and ensure that American consumers can enjoy a free and open internet. Their effort to generate support for net neutrality is well intentioned, but their target is misguided. To ensure open internet […]

The Wall Street Journal: ‘Neutrality’ for Thee, but Not for Google, Facebook and Amazon

By Ev Ehrlich Google, Facebook and dozens of major internet companies joined forces last week for a “Day of Action” to rally support for “net neutrality.” That’s the idea that everything on the internet—email, e-commerce transactions, cat videos and so forth—must travel at the same speed and under the same conditions. This latest stir-up comes as the Federal Communications […]

Rapid City Journal: Net neutrality everyone’s goal

By Senator John Thune Recently, Silicon Valley players and many Washington, D.C.-based activist groups led a protest to “save net neutrality” from the Federal Communications Commission’s proposal to undo regulations the agency adopted two years ago. True supporters of an open internet should demand more than a slogan. What the internet needs to end regulatory […]

Expert Voices Speak Out on Net Neutrality

From across the political spectrum and from communities across America, policy experts are lending their voices to the debate over net neutrality. The following are comments from filings with the FCC in July 2017, in response to its proposal to return the U.S. to the bipartisan, light-touch regulatory framework for governing the internet by those […]

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