Expert Voices Speak Out on Net Neutrality

From across the political spectrum and from communities across America, policy experts are lending their voices to the debate over net neutrality. The following are comments from filings with the FCC in July 2017, in response to its proposal to return the U.S. to the bipartisan, light-touch regulatory framework for governing the internet by those […]

Recode: On This Day of Action, the Internet Needs a Law, Not a Regulation

By Senator John Thune Too often, politicians and activists of all stripes prefer slogans over solutions. Today, Silicon Valley players, big and small, and many Washington, D.C.-based activist groups are leading a protest to “save net neutrality” from the Federal Communications Commission’s proposal to undo regulations the agency adopted two years ago. True supporters of […]

Medium: The BFA Truth Squad

By Broadband for America We support Congress passing a commonsense net neutrality law which keeps the internet open and free. But we cannot support the dubious idea of regulating the modern internet with rules designed for the 1930’s era telephone system. For years, supporters of this “Title II” utility idea have been unable to justify […]

Get the Facts on Net Neutrality

The current net neutrality debate is clouded with misinformation and misleading claims. And while fiction may be good for reading at the beach, facts are crucial for an informed debate – particularly when it comes to something as important as protecting the open internet. Broadband for America strongly supports net neutrality, but opposes using a […]

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