Top Seven Lies, Exaggerations, and Misstatements About the FCC Plan to Restore Internet Freedom

Proponents of heavy government regulation of internet networks are loudly and wrongly insisting that the FCC plan to reverse its current “Title II” internet regulations will “end the internet as we know it” and bring cyberspace, social media, and apparently even democracy itself to a screeching halt. They have held over-the-top rallies, conference calls and […]

Statement by Broadband for America Ahead of FCC Vote on Restoring Internet Freedom

“America’s broadband providers are 100% committed to a free and open internet and have always practiced net neutrality regardless of government regulations or rules because that is what their customers demand.  Additionally, all of the major providers have announced clear and strong policies ensuring no blocking, no throttling, and no unfair discrimination against lawful traffic […]

News & Observer: FCC plan will not endanger the open internet

  By Harold Ford Jr. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai recently released his draft “Restoring Internet Freedom” order detailing his plan to roll back Title II regulations. The ensuing debate has been overtaken by hyperbole, and several important points about preserving an open internet are getting lost in the rhetoric. Public interest groups, internet companies […]

The New York Times: Ken Engelhart: Why Concerns About Net Neutrality Are Overblown

By Ken Engelhart The Federal Communications Commission is planning to jettison its network neutrality rules, and many Americans are distraught. Such a move, the Electronic Frontier Foundation warned, “invites a future where only the largest internet, cable and telephone companies survive, while every start-up, small business and new innovator is crowded out — and the voices of […]

Stratechery: Ben Thompson: Pro-Net Neutrality, Anti-Title II

By Ben Thompson Weirdly, this article about the American broadband market must start in Portugal. Last week Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai circulated a draft orderthat would undo the 2015 reclassification of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from what are known as “Title I information services” to “Title II telecommunication providers”; Title II of the Telecommunications Act, […]

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