Calls For Congressional Action On Comprehensive Net Neutrality Legislation Ramp Up

Bipartisan Voices Urge Permanent & 21st Century Solution, Rather Than CRA Half-Measure Alaska Governor Bill Walker: “Alaskans Need Internet That Is Open And Accessible, And Congress Should Take Action To Protect That Accessibility.” “It’s clear: Alaskans need internet that is open and accessible, and Congress should take action to protect that accessibility.  Internet access is as essential […]

[Maine] Sun Journal: Congress Can Preserve An Open Internet

By Hector Barreto As broadband experts and community leaders gathered recently to discuss strategies for expanding high-speed internet access to more rural areas in Maine, closing the divide that prevents many residents from participating in an increasingly digital economy remains one of the state’s most critical challenges. But to connect more Maine communities, consumers and business […]

Anchorage Daily News: Net Neutrality Is Vital — But So Is Rural Broadband

By Niel Ritchie Most issues look different from rural America, but that’s especially true of net neutrality. No one doubts that net neutrality policies to keep the internet open and free for all users is vital. No internet provider or tech company should be allowed to block websites, censor or discriminate against viewpoints, manipulate cyberspace to […]