1 World Connected Unveiled

This week, 1 World Connected, a joint venture between private, public, civil society and government sector entities united to increase broadband access and adoption around the world, debuted. As a complementary program similar to the U.S. State Department’s “Global Connect,” Internet Society’s “Community Grants Programs and Beyond the Net Initiative,” the World Economic Forum’s “Internet […]

New Georgetown Study – Title II Uncertainty Will Increase Costs and Reduce Investment

Since the dawn of the Internet age, America has led the world in Internet speeds, innovation, and network connectivity. The Federal Communications Commission’s recent decision to regulate the Internet under a Title II regime, however, places this global leadership at risk. Facing numerous challenges in court, the FCC’s Open Internet Order brings nothing but uncertainty […]

Voices Across America – Small Businesses Call for Net Neutrality Legislation

Small businesses play an invaluable role in U.S. job creation, innovation, and future economic growth. Over the last two decades, American enterprise has benefitted from adopting a free flowing, digitally connected marketplace. The FCC’s recent decision to impose heavy-handed Title II regulations on the Internet fundamentally changes this environment and has spawned major concerns from […]

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