Baltimore Post Examiner: Internet Laws could Result In Price Increases For Customers

By Brent Wilkes The recent story, “Bill would provide internet users in Md. with privacy protection and net neutrality”overlooks the potential consequences of states passing their own Internet laws, which would create a complex web of competing rules that could result in price increases for customers and reduced investment that would expand broadband infrastructure for residents […]

The Spokesman-Review: Internet Neutrality Needs Real Protection

By E. Faye Williams When the Federal Communications Commission repealed President Obama’s net neutrality rules last year, it launched a movement. Around the country, there is a rising tide calling for permanent new rules to keep the internet open and free. No company should be permitted to interfere with our internet experience by blocking or […]

US Telecom: All Americans Deserve Equal Rights Online

By Jonathan Spalter It is said that ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions.’ Nowhere can we find a more perfect modern  example for this sentiment than in the cacophony of disparate calls by state and local regulators across the country each seeking to impose their own brand of ‘net neutrality’ regulations on […]

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