Broadcasting & Cable: FCC’s Carr: Internet Won’t End June 12

By John Eggerton Republican FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr signaled this week he thought reports of the impending death of the internet were highly overrated. In an interview for C-SPAN’s Communicators series, Carr said that on June 11, when the FCC’s network neutrality regulation rollback takes effect, consumers “are not going to see the end of the internet” and “in fact, are going […]

Boston Globe: The Real Reason the Net Neutrality Fight Goes On

By Hiawatha Bray Remember when the Trump administration decided in December to eliminate those “net neutrality” Internet rules issued by the Obama administration in 2015? Well, those rules aren’t quite dead yet. On Wednesday, the US Senate voted to revive them. This bill, overwhelmingly supported by Democrats, will almost certainly be defeated in the GOP-dominated […]

Washington Examiner: Democrats Have Suddenly Embraced Internet Price Controls

By Matthew Kandrach A “Kinsley Gaffe” happens in Washington when someone accidentally tells the truth. Democrats committed a big one recently when they admitted their supposed concern for “net neutrality” was actually camouflage for a much more aggressive goal: imposing unpopular and politically unacceptable price controls on the Internet. This issue has been lurking in […]