Los Angeles Times: The EU fires a warning shot at Google and other Internet giants

By The Times Editorial Board Alphabet Inc.’s most successful product — the Google search engine — may now be its most problematic. On Tuesday, the European Commission’s top antitrust regulator levied a $2.7-billion fine against Alphabet and Google for the way the search engine handles requests for information about products. Specifically, Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said that Google skewed […]

High Tech Forum: Fact-Checking Free Press Net Neutrality Violations

By Richard Bennett Several years ago, Free Press published a list of alleged net neutrality violations intended to show a real and ongoing problem that only federal regulations could address. The list was meant to address the allegation that net neutrality is a “solution in search of a problem”, a favorite line of critics. The organization has […]

The Hill: Want to deploy more broadband? Get the feds out of the way

By Tom Struble and Joe Kane Despite living in one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, millions of Americans lack access to high-speed broadband Internet service. Private companies stand ready to invest resources and deploy the next generation of broadband networks, but many current regulations stand in the way with excessive fees and conditions […]

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