Growing Support for Net Neutrality Legislation

Leading voices from across the U.S. have been expressing their support for Congress to protect the open internet by passing bipartisan net neutrality legislation. Here is a collection of some of them: TECH LEADERS Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook: “We’re also open to working with members of Congress and anyone else on laws to protect net […]

Crain’s Chicago Business: For the good of all, Congress must ensure net neutrality

By Jimmy Lee In less than a generation, the internet has grown from a curiosity—”something cool you gotta see”—to a core requirement of modern life—”something critical you gotta have.” Education, jobs, social connection, entertainment, culture and politics have all moved almost entirely online. Most of the big national employers do not take paper job applications […]

Boston Globe: On Net neutrality, it’s time for Congress to act

By Hiawatha Bray The Federal Communications Commission’s hugely controversial moves on network neutrality might work out even better than I’d hoped. That’s because the ferocious backlash against the FCC could finally spur Congress to draw up proper legislation that will at last settle this long-running debate. Republicans, battered by telephone calls and e-mails from panicky voters, are […]

Top Seven Lies, Exaggerations, and Misstatements About the FCC Plan to Restore Internet Freedom

Proponents of heavy government regulation of internet networks are loudly and wrongly insisting that the FCC plan to reverse its current “Title II” internet regulations will “end the internet as we know it” and bring cyberspace, social media, and apparently even democracy itself to a screeching halt. They have held over-the-top rallies, conference calls and […]

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