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BfA Responds To National Broadband Plan

WASHINGTON, DC – Broadband for America (BfA), a coalition of more than 200 companies and organizations dedicated to the idea that broadband holds the key to greater prosperity for all Americans, today congratulated the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the hard work and dedication it has shown in developing the National Broadband Plan (NBP).

The below statement was released by Broadband for America (BfA) Honorary Co-Chairmen Michael K. Powell and Harold E. Ford, Jr.:

“Broadband for America supports finding ways to deploy broadband in those parts of our country where providing access has proven uneconomical, and to fostering greater utilization of broadband in those areas where high-speed Internet connections are available. We believe that greater broadband usage is essential to meeting many of the critical challenges facing our country today, including the need for greater investment and job creation, and the need to remain competitive in the 21st Century. A stable regulatory environment is imperative in enabling private companies to maintain, improve and expand their networks. We hope to continue working with the government to ensure that no segment of the Internet ecosystem is left behind, and working with the FCC and the Congress to implement a National Broadband Plan. We applaud Chairman Genachowski and the FCC for committing to make the United States second to no one in the digital economy.”

Broadband for America (BfA) is a growing coalition of over 200 members ranging from independent consumer advocacy groups, to content and application providers, to the companies which build and maintain the Internet.

The complete BfA membership list is available here.

To download the entire plan click here.


Read the FCC National Broadband Plan

National Broadband Plan

The FCC recently released several translations of the National Broadband Plan on its website.  This ensures that no segment of the Internet ecosystem is left behind.  We hope you find these links useful.