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At The Mobile World Congress, Chairman Pai Outlines America’s Golden Opportunity



America is on the cusp of a 5G future in which consumers have access to vital services at incredible speeds. Such capabilities would open up countless opportunities in communication, ecommerce and emergency services to the public.Read more

Axios and Charter Event Examines the Future of Communication


This week, Axios hosted a forum sponsored by Charter Communications to examine the ways in which our communications ecosystem will continue to develop with the onset of new technologies  and how smart policy decisions will encourage the continued flourishing of communications both at home and abroad.Read more

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Private Investment Wove the Net: Title II is a Hindrance to Investment


Supporters of Title II do not see the interwoven nature of an open, accessible internet and large-scale investment in broadband infrastructure. It was private investment, not federal overreach, which established the open internet.Read more

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