Internet Doomsday Predictions Do Not Come To Fruition

Internet Doomsday Predictions Do Not Come To Fruition
Apocalypse Predictions Remain Unrealized As Internet Goes Unchanged
Net Neutrality Supporters & Activists Have Predicted An Internet Doomsday, Following The June 11 FCC Repeal:
On June 11, Headlines Projected Messages Of An Apocalypse & Death Of The Internet. 
  • “Net Neutrality Is Really, Officially Dead. Now What?” (CNET, 6/11/18)
  • “A New Internet Era Begins – The End Of Net Neutrality Is Here” (CNN, 6/11/18)
  • “Four Ways To Survive The End Of Net Neutrality Today” (Fast Company, 6/11/18)
  • “Net Neutrality Has Officially Been Repealed. Here’s How That Could Affect You.” (The New York Times, 6/11/18)
  • “The Web As You Know It May Soon Be Altered As Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules End” (The Washington Post, 6/10/18)
For Months, Activists Have Dramatically Been Warning Of A Doomsday.
  • Fight For The Future: “Without #NetNeutrality, Widespread Throttling & Blocking Will Destroy The Internet As We Know It.”(Twitter, 6/7/17) 
  • Battle For The Net: “What … If … All … Your … Favorite … Websites … Loaded … This … Slowly … Unless … You … Paid … Extra … To … Access … Them?” (Twitter, 5/15/18)
  • ACLU: “We Can All Spend One Minute Calling Our Senators To Demand They Vote To Save … Or … We … Can … Wait … For … Webpages … To … Load … One … Word … At … A … Time … When … Internet … Providers … Don’t … Like … What … We’re … Doing … Online … Time To Choose.” (Twitter, 5/15/18)
  • Free Press: “The Internet Without Net Neutrality Isn’t Really The Internet.” (“Net Neutrality: What You Need To Know,” Free Press, Accessed 6/22/18) 
However, Those Claims Have Frequently Been Debunked & Disproven:
  • The Washington Post: Democrats And Net Neutrality Activists’ Claims About Net Neutrality “Merits Three Pinocchios.” “Senate Democrats, industry leaders and net neutrality activists say the FCC’s move to toss out the Obama-era rules will bog down and end the Internet as we know it.  The biggest broadband providers forcefully reject this claim, saying they have no plans to block or throttle content or offer paid prioritization … For now, though, there’s scant evidence that Internet users should brace for a slowdown.  Yet the Democrats’ tweet conveys the false impression that a slowdown is imminent unless net neutrality rules are restored.  This transmission error merits Three Pinocchios, but we will monitor the situation and update our ruling depending on whether the fears were overstated or came true.” (Salvador Rizzo, “Will The FCC’s Net Neutrality Repeal Grind The Internet To A Halt?” The Washington Post, 3/5/18)
  • National Journal: “Despite Monday’s Finalized Repeal Of The FCC’s 2015 Net-Neutrality Order – A Set Of Popular Rules That Prohibited ISPs From Blocking, Throttling, Or Prioritizing Web Traffic – Experts Say There’s Little To Indicate An Imminent Shift In How Providers Will Treat Their Customers Or Structure Online Services.” (Brendan Bordelon, “Internet Providers Still Constrained Despite Net-Neutrality Death Knell,” National Journal, 6/11/18)
  • Former FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell: “In Case You Haven’t Heard, A Veritable Asteroid Is About To Hit The Internet.  At Least, That’s What Proponents Of Utility-Style Regulation Of The Internet Are Predicting … What CRA Proponents Fail To Realize Is That It Is An Unnecessary Solution In Search Of A Problem … It’s Time For Congress, Especially Lawmakers In The House, To Abandon The Counterproductive CRA Effort And Fight For Legislation That Ensures A Level Playing Field For All Players In The Internet Ecosystem – Most Of All, Consumers.” (Robert McDowell, “Lawmakers Must Level The Field For All Players In The Internet Ecosystem,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, 6/19/18)
  • Fairfax County Chamber Of Commerce Board Member Jason Flanary: “There Is A Common Misconception That There Are Those Who Oppose Net Neutrality And Those Who Support It.  But The Reality Is That Everyone Wants To Ensure Net Neutrality Lives On … The New FCC Order Focuses On 21st-Century Solutions While Opening The Door For Bipartisan Congressional Action And A Comprehensive Solution.  Without Such Legislation, The Government Will Undermine Investment, Innovation And Jobs And Put Consumer Protections At Risk.” (Jason Flanary, “Net Neutrality Debate Could Harm Northern Virginia’s Economy And Jobs,” The Daily Caller, 6/18/18)
  • Tech Knowledge Director Fred Campbell: “This Simple Shift In Authority From One Federal Agency To Another Is Why Some Advocates Claim The Internet Sky Is Falling.  Hyperbole Is The Only Oxygen Left In The Net Neutrality Debate, And It’s Causing People To Hyperventilate.” (John Eggerton, “Net Neutrality Rollback Fans: Sky Isn’t Falling,” Multichannel News, 6/11/18)
  • Information & Innovation Alliance’s Chairman Doug Brake: “It Is Time To Put The Title II Chapter In The Net Neutrality Saga Behind Us.  Chairman [Ajit] Pai’s Efforts Return Broadband To A Regulatory Environment Better Suited To Encouraging An Innovative, Evolving Communications Platform … The Chicken Littles’ Claiming ‘The End Of The Internet’ Will Now Be Proved Wrong.” (John Eggerton, “Net Neutrality Rollback Fans: Sky Isn’t Falling,” Multichannel News, 6/11/18)
  • Business In The Public Interest Chairman Adonis Hoffman: “The Internet As We Have Come To Know It Did Not End Because The Restoring Internet Freedom Order Went Into Effect Today.” (John Eggerton, “Net Neutrality Rollback Fans: Sky Isn’t Falling,” Multichannel News, 6/11/18)