Harold Ford Jr. Statement Condemning Hateful Attacks Against FCC Chairman Pai And His Family

Harold Ford, Jr., Honorary Chairman of Broadband for America, issued the following statement today condemning the hateful attacks against Federal Communications Chairman Ajit Pai and his family over the weekend:

“I strongly condemn the hateful and racist attacks against Chairman Pai and his family that were placed on signs outside his home over the weekend and posted on social media. These reprehensible attacks, which directly targeted Chairman Pai’s children by name and mocked his family’s ethnicity and heritage, have no place in any policy discussion.

While reasonable people can disagree and debate on policy, it should never rise to this level of vitriol and families should always be off limits. This harassment by protesters against Chairman Pai and his family crosses the line and should be condemned by the groups who stoke this shameful behavior.

Whether you agree with his views on policy or not, Chairman Pai is a decent and honorable public servant who should be treated with dignity, as all human beings should.”