Broadband for America Statement on FCC’s Efforts to Modernize Internet Regulation

We strongly support the FCC plan to free the internet from 1930’s era over-regulation and usher in a new era of broadband investment, innovation, and job creation. Chairman Pai’s leadership will ensure continued American leadership in the global, digital economy and a richer, faster, more dynamic internet for all. And we commend his team for an unprecedented open and transparent process — including the early publication of this draft order.

We are also proud to reaffirm our unshakeable commitment to an open internet. This means no blocking of legal content, no throttling, no unfair discrimination, and continued transparency in our customer practices.  We stand by an open internet because it’s good for our business, and our customers expect and deserve it. Net neutrality and public utility regulation are two different things and fixing the harm done by utility rules in no way undermines our commitment to keeping the internet open and free.

Internet infrastructure investments have declined by billions of dollars only two years after utility regulation was imposed. Finance and market experts predict there will be an even more considerable decline in long-term investment if it is left in place, undermining investment in innovations that bring high-speed broadband access to more Americans, especially to those in rural and hard to reach communities.

In the coming weeks, we will sponsor advertisements in print and online in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area to remind policymakers and consumers of our long-held dedication to protecting a free and open internet.