Rapid City Journal: Net neutrality everyone’s goal

By Senator John Thune

Recently, Silicon Valley players and many Washington, D.C.-based activist groups led a protest to “save net neutrality” from the Federal Communications Commission’s proposal to undo regulations the agency adopted two years ago.

True supporters of an open internet should demand more than a slogan. What the internet needs to end regulatory uncertainty and threats of litigation is a bipartisan law from Congress that protects internet freedom by codifying widely accepted net-neutrality protections.

Put in place after President Barack Obama pressured regulators to scrap efforts to find agreement, the FCC’s 2015 order regulating broadband internet under a Great Depression-era statute (“Title II” of the Communications Act of 1934) had support from just one political party. This action failed to embrace a self-evident reality — administrative rules, especially those affecting all internet users, need to have a broad consensus of support to withstand future political changes.

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