Medium: The BFA Truth Squad

By Broadband for America

We support Congress passing a commonsense net neutrality law which keeps the internet open and free. But we cannot support the dubious idea of regulating the modern internet with rules designed for the 1930’s era telephone system. For years, supporters of this “Title II” utility idea have been unable to justify such a radical change in the way the internet works or explain why these rules were needed.

Until now (not really)…..

One such group, Free Press, recently produced a list of alleged “Net Neutrality Violations” to rationalize their support for the regulatory time warp of Title II. We’ve read their nearly thousand word “brief history”and fact checked their claims (fact check #1: they are not brief). But, it was hard to find much that was true. So, Free Press, we don’t believe you and don’t think anyone else should.

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