BFA Congratulates Newly Designated FCC Chairman Pai

As Broadband for America has repeatedly argued, the FCC’s Open Internet Order has brought nothing but uncertainty to entrepreneurs and consumers through a sharp divorce in regulatory policy. However, President Trump’s pick for FCC Chairman, veteran FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, is an encouraging sign that America’s online economy can get back on track.

Pai’s designation comes as no surprise to those familiar with broadband or regulatory issues. As Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy’s Larry Downes notes, “for technology companies here in Silicon Valley and across the Internet ecosystem, Pai’s appointment is very good news.  He favors a return to the bi-partisan policy of light-touch regulation established in the early days of the commercial Internet—policies that have made possible the convergence of networks, media and technologies on the single open Internet standard.   His FCC is likely to be consistent, professional, and predictable.”

Former FCC commissioner Harold Furtchtgott-Roth echoed this praise profiling Pai as “a lawyer’s lawyer” with “a deep understanding of communications law.”

Pai himself was “humbled” by the designation and looks “forward to working with the new Administration, my colleagues at the Commission, members of Congress, and the American public to bring the benefits of the digital age to all Americans.”

Broadband for America applauds the designation and wishes Chairman Pai well in his new position. His belief, one that BFA shares, that the internet should not be bridled by flawed and onerous regulation is certainly a welcome perspective. We hope that Chairman Pai will act in the best interest of America’s broadband networks and craft policy to support the unparalleled growth and innovation our online economy has championed for decades.