1 World Connected Unveiled

This week, 1 World Connected, a joint venture between private, public, civil society and government sector entities united to increase broadband access and adoption around the world, debuted.

As a complementary program similar to the U.S. State Department’s “Global Connect,” Internet Society’s “Community Grants Programs and Beyond the Net Initiative,” the World Economic Forum’s “Internet for All,” the Internet Governance Forum’s “Connecting and Enabling the Next Billion,” among others, 1World Connected’s purpose is slightly different.

1World Connected’s goal is to fill the interconnectedness void by cataloging all recent and ongoing innovative efforts to expand the Internet’s reach and by analyzing case studies empirically and assessing their impact. Giving lawmakers a firmer, data-based foundation for determining the best approaches for achieving of universal connectivity is a primary objective.

Led by the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Technology, Innovation & Competition Director, Christopher Yoo, 1 World Connected has also founded a dynamic coalition to support the three-year project. Be sure to check out the stories page for testimonials and case studies, as well as the events page for opportunities to get involved.

Broadband for America applauds this much-needed project and hopes the spirit of connectivity, smart investment, and internet innovation continue to spread around the global.