The Truth About Net Neutrality

Internet Providers Support Net Neutrality – Internet providers practice net neutrality today and they always will. This means no blocking of legal content, no throttling, no unfair discrimination, and continued transparency in our customer practices.  We stand by an open internet because it’s good for our business, and our customers expect and deserve it.

“Title II” is Not Net Neutrality – The FCC is not trying to repeal Net Neutrality; it is working on separate regulations called Title II or “utility” regulation. Unlike Net Neutrality, these 1930s era utility regulations are controversial.

Repealing Title II Utility Regulations Will Strengthen the Internet – Utility regulations deter investment in networks and put internet jobs at risk.  They slow down innovation by requiring a government “permission slip” before launching new ideas.  If Silicon Valley used these rules, Apple would still be stuck in the garage and Google would just be the wrong way to spell a really big number.

Congress Can Fix This Mess – Congress should develop bipartisan legislation to undo misguided utility regulations and permanently preserve a free and open internet. Internet providers strongly support such a law.